Scott, by making this offering, I am partnering with you in your efforts to reach the lost for the Kingdom of God. I will pray for you as you minister across the country!



A Call To Arms

A Call to Arms is a Christ-centered webseries that seeks to provide a primer for those called to do the work of the Kingdom of Heaven as open-air/street preachers.

Chapter One: “Why? Me?”

“Why? Me?” focuses on the call and how to recognize it in your own life.

Chapter Two: “Let’s Begin”

“Let’s Begin” focuses on the “baby steps” one can take to begin to join in Christ’s commission, from stepping out with a group to standing up “on the box.”

Chapter Three: “The Preparation of the Heart”

“The Preparation of the Heart” offers the three basics no street preacher should go without – Prayer, The Word of God & Faith – as the fundamental tools of the trade.

Chapter Four: “The Missions and the Missing It”

“The Mission & The Missing It” discusses the central Good News that should trip the lips of the street preacher and the messages to eschew in lifting up the Graceful sacrifice of Christ.

Chapter Five: “…Let Them Hear”

“… Let them hear.” relates the resistance one is likely to receive from crowds in this calling, from those is vocal opposition to God and the things of God to those Christians in strident opposition.

Voice in the Wilderness

Scott Smith preaching the Gospel from a week before Christmas, ’08, Orlando Lynx bus system….

Scott Preachings in Bedford UK

Scott Smith preaching the Gospel in Bedford UK, home of John Bunyun, and located near where Bunyan was jailed for 11 years.

Theology and Demonstration of Street Preaching

This is a short clip from an upcoming documentary on street preaching from a Reformed perspective. Scott Smith shares the a brief theological justification for street preaching and demonstrates at an abortion clinic in Orlando, Florida.

Scott Smith at Coney Island

Scott draws a crowd to hear the gospel using a sketchboard.

Scott Open Air Preaching at Final Four

Scott Smith open air preaching to the crowds entering the stadium.j For some reason the amp would not work unless you held the mic cord in perfect position. So Laura stands in an attempt to hold the cord perfectly still.

Kentucky Derby 2010